Digger Derrick Operator (On-Site)

This program provides safety training to ensure those who operate digger derricks fully understand their responsibilities for pre-operation yobo体育 亚博下载inspection,proper set-up,safe operation,and minor maintenance.

Specific Training Objectives:

  • Equipment design characteristics
  • Capacity considerations and limitations
  • Contributing causes of accidents
  • Pre-operational yobo体育 亚博下载inspections
  • Evaluating the work area
  • Proper set-up and use of stabilizers
  • Wire and fiber rope yobo体育 亚博下载inspection
  • Load rating charts
  • Effects of dynamics
  • Operator safety
  • Fall protection requirements

Course Overview:

This program may be customized to address your specific equipment.When on-site training is conducted we make sure your exact equipment and operations are covered as core topics.

Key Training Elements:

  • Site and set-up
  • Operations
  • Technical knowledge
  • Manufacturer's load charts
  • Auxiliary tools and devices

Course Topics Include:

  • Digger derrick terminology and definitions
  • Supporting surfaces and the expected loads
  • Know electric power line hazards
  • How to identify and evaluate hazards
  • Know how to perform a pre-use yobo体育 亚博下载inspection
  • Requirements for personal protective equipment
  • Know how to plan the job
  • Understand the proper setup of digger derricks
  • Purpose of decals and placards
  • Operating in various weather conditions
  • Understand the operation of all controls
  • Federal regulations and industry standards
  • Knowledge of dielectric protection and safety
  • Know how to identify unsafe equipment conditions
  • How to swing and place the load smoothly and safely
  • Hand,voice,& non-standard signals
  • Machine shut down and secure
  • How to verify machine capacity
  • Requirements for operational aids & safety devices
  • Know how to recognize hazards
  • Proper procedures for load control
  • Know how to react to emergency conditions
  • Know the effects of dynamic loading and side loading
  • Operations for digging and pole setting
  • Functions and limitations of the digger derrick
  • Load line proper use and care
  • Protective measures against electrical hazards
  • Load share in multi-digger derrick lifts
  • Significance instruments and gauge readings
  • Requirements for yobo体育 亚博下载inspections and basic maintenance
  • How to use attachments and accessories
  • Requirements of qualification and/or certification
  • Operations and requirements for the use of winches
  • How to verify the load chart is the appropriate
  • 如何使用能力负荷图表吗
  • How to calculate net capacity using the load charts
    More About On-Site Training


    More About On-Site Training

    When it comes to on-site training 亚博娱乐Crane Tech offers more services and options.

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    Field Coaching:We will work with your operators one-on-one to help them build the skills necessary to ensure safety and job performance.

    Practical Testing:亚博娱乐Crane Tech will test your personnel and provide a report so you can assign jobs with confidence.

    Site Specific:亚博娱乐Crane Tech will never deliver a "canned" program to your site.Our Training Director listens carefully to learn your work requirements,your exact equipment,and training objectives.Site specific training means just that;Instruction that fits your company like a glove,and it's where 亚博娱乐Crane Tech excels.We incorporate your policies so there are no conflicts between our instruction and your in-house efforts,and all government agency programs are tailored to your specific agency policies.

    Each of our instructors will gladly work with your management to help resolve critical issues.So training goes further than course delivery...it always extends to help you resolve issues specific to your operations.

Digger Derrick Training


Digger Derrick Training

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